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Plugin Pack

Due to constant security updates on the PSN Store we had to add new plugins to the software. We are working around the clock to discover new exploits and to help you generate new redeem codes.

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Mega Plugin Pack 5.5.6 for PSN Redeem Code Generator 4.2

Download Mega Plugin Pack 5.5.6

Contents of Mega Plugin Pack:

  • PSN_ServerLists_v1.2.pcgp
  • US_AccountUpdates_v0.1.9.pcgp
  • UK_AccountUpdates_v0.1.7.pcgp
  • LoadBalancer_Fix_RC1.pcgp
  • Ultimate_ProxyFunctions_4.pcgp
  • BgProcessTskMgr_5.22.pcgp
  • NetTcpPortBypasser_3.0.pcgp

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